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Assistor PS ver 1.0

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Product Manual of Assistor PS

Have a closer look at Assistor PS with the provided product manual. Visit our Tutorial for more tips and information.


    [PROBLEM] My Assistor PS is not working!
    Please check your computer specifications.

    [Windows] Assistor PS only works on Windows 7 or higher.
    .Net framework 4.0 Download Link :

    [Mac] Assistor PS only works on Mac OS X or higher.

    [Photoshop] Assistor PS only works on CS3 or higher, including Adobe CC.
    [PROBLEM] My Assistor PS has disppeard from the screen.
    Your Assistor PS may have been placed outside the screen.
    Right click the Assistor PS icon with a mouse and select 'Move' to make it appear with Arrow keys.
    [PROBLEM] There seems to be a miscalculation when calculating the values.
    Assistor PS calculates the values with accuracy and precision.
    There might be a missed pixel or effect you might not have noticed with your eyes, so please check again.
    [PROBLEM] My Assistor PS has stopped working!
    Try these few simple methods.
    1. Turn both of Assistor PS and Photohop off, and run it again.
    2. Re-open the error occured PSD and run it again.

    If this has not solved the problem, you need to tell us how exactly the error occurred.
    - PC Specifications(OS : Windows/Mac, Photoshop ver.).
    - How and when the error occured.
    - A screenshot that shows the error clearly.
    - The PSD file which is causing the error(if possible).
    E-mail us with these information included and we will be able to send you a reply even faster.
  • HOW TO
    [HOW TO] Can I use both of my Mac and PC?
    We have Assistor PS ready for both of the OS.
    Download the installation file fit for your OS and simply run the software yourself.
    [HOW TO] I want to display the selected separate layers as one layer.
    On the left top side of the Layer Guider, there is a 'Each Layer' check button which makes Assistor PS count the layers as separate layers.
    When it's not checked, whether you select multiple layers or a single layer, the Assistor PS always counts the layer as one.
    [HOW TO] I want to know the relative coordinate of the object.
    Select the zero point with a marquee tool and then select the obeject you want to display the position of.
    [HOW TO] I want to know the DP figures on Andorid devices.
    Select the combo box on the right top corner to change the standard resolution.
    Assistor PS will automatically calculate the figures of the selected element depending on the resolution you chose.
    [HOW TO] I want to know the SP figures of the text.
    Click on the Settings button in the Layer Guider.
    Select 'SP' in the Type Unit combo box.
    [HOW TO] I want to display the coordinates on various positions.
    Click on the Settings button in the Layer Guider.
    Change the position of the coordinates in the 'Reference Point'.
    [HOW TO] I want to save each layers automatically.
    Click on the Options button next to the 'Layer Snips' button.
    Check the 'Auto Save' button to save the layers automatically.(in any folder and file format you want.)
    [HOW TO] Are there any shortcut keys in Assistor PS?
    There are several shortcut keys in Assistor PS.
    Place your mouse cursor on the buttons, and a pop up will show you the shortcut keys for each button.
    There are no shortcut keys yet in Mac version.
    [HOW TO] I want to know the size of the layer without the shadow effect.
    1. Turn off the effect by deactivating the 'Eye' in your Photoshop.
    2. Select the area with a marquee tool and Assistor PS will calculate the selected area's size and distance.
    [LICENSE] I want to know more about the license policy!
    Assistor PS license is completely free of use from June 2015.
    Check out the details here for more information.
  • ETC
    [ETC] What is Assistor PS?
    There is a step in design where you have to draw guidelines for developers in order to deliver more accurate and precise design.
    Assistor PS is a design guide tool which helps you with the process of drawing design guidelines.
    [ETC] Is Assistor PS a Photoshop plug-in?
    To be exact, it is not. It's a separate tool outside the Photoshop.
    But it's entire mechanism is based on Photoshop so it works just like a plug-in.