Assistor PS

The Ultimate Design Spec'ing Tool

Save Your Valuable Time

Wasting your precious time on endless spec'ing?
Assistor PS is here to help you.

Guide Work Done in Just a Simple Click

One click will do the trick! Coordinate, size, distance, fonts, whatever and whereever you want it.
It will reduce your work time and relieve your stress away.

Experience the Speed

Assistor PS vs Master of spec'ing. Witness the speed with your own eyes.

Users of Assistor PS

There are many companies using Assistor PS including large conglomerates to small design agencies.

Layer Guider

An essential function of Assistor PS, created specially for spec'ing work.
  • Easy Operation
    Coordinate, Size, Distance, Font, and even Guide Boxes. One simple click will make it all happen at once.
  • Snipping Layers
    Snip certain layers in any way you want. You can even save it with different kinds of formats.
  • Multiple Resolutions
    DP,SP, whatever you need. Every value will be automatically calculated and displayed.
  • Extracting Information
    Every information can be extracted in text form, which can be used in different kinds of documents.
  • Various Guide Styles
    All of the displayed values can be customized in different colors and sizes to adjust to different needs and requirements.

Trim the Edges Instantly, Rounder

There is always afterwork to do when working on a design. For example, what if there was a change in the value of a button's rounded corners? In that case, you have to correct the design all over again. But with Rounder, all you need to do is fix some numbers and voilà! There you go.
Have a Closer Look at Rounder. Your Cutting-Edge Buddy.

No More Calculating, Unit Converter

As there are many different kinds of devices, there are different kinds of units for them as well. It's not easy calculating each and every pixel into DPIs. But no need to worry, with Unit Converter you can calculate the value instantly and accurately.
No Matter Which Device You Choose, Unit Coverter Will Take Care of It.

Even You Can't Beat Its' Speed, Tiler

It's such a tiring work, copying and moving every element again and again. Tiler helps you with this dull work. With a press of a button, Tiler will copy and locate the element in any way you like.
Tiler Will Save You from All the Boring and Tedious Work.

Guide Lines in a Click, Guide Maker

With Guide Maker, you can draw different sorts of guide lines including centered lines, dividing lines, and many other. There is is no need to measure and calculate anymore!
Wanna Know More About This Friendly Guide Maker?